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MoniMaster is a smartphone monitoring service designed to empower parents, employers, and individuals to track and manage remote device usage of their family members, partners, team members, and employees. The MoniMaster for PC app offers a wide range of advanced monitoring and analytic features, including real-time tracking of device activity, internet activity monitoring, application usage tracking, social network usage monitoring, location tracking, and much more.

It is positioned as a tool for ensuring the safety of children, managing employee device usage, and gaining insights into device activities, all done completely covertly and without notifying device owners about background monitoring services on their devices. In addition to regular usage monitoring, users can also monitor activities inside certain supported apps, including discrete viewing of WhatsApp conversations, remotely accessing iCloud data, precise location tracking, and more.

Since its arrival on the market, this powerful monitoring tool has managed to find customers in over 150 countries, satisfying over 1.5 million users with its comprehensive feature set that includes 50+ powerful tracking and analytics tools. The latest version of this app allows streamlined access to all gathered data about tracked devices, a robust notification engine, and an easy-to-use dashboard that can fulfill the needs of both concerned parents and employers.

This service is offered to users via four standalone subscription packs, all focused on different aspects of remote monitoring – Android, iOS, WhatsApp, and iCloud. A free demo with limited functionality is offered to all new account holders.


Monitor Android Devices

1. MoniMaster for Android
Complete & invisible Android monitoring

2. MoniMaster for WhatsApp
Specialized WhatsApp monitoring

Monitor iOS Devices

3. MoniMaster for iOS
PC-based iOS monitoring software

4. MoniMaster for iCloud
Online iOS tracking product

Main Features
  • Parental Control – Closely monitor children's online activities, including social media usage, messaging, location, and browsing history.
  • Comprehensive App Monitoring – Track app usage, including the time spent on each app.
  • Online Activity Monitoring – Monitor internet activities, including browsing history and visits to specific websites or social media platforms.
  • Location Tracking – Closely monitor the real-time location of the target device.
  • Employee Productivity Tracking – Track employee device usage, ensuring that employees are productive and accountable.
  • WhatsApp Activity Tracking – Monitor WhatsApp activities, including messages, calls, and file sharing.
  • Remote iCloud Access – Access remote iCloud files with ease.
  • Flexible Pricing – Test or purchase the specific monitoring app you need.

Installation and Setup

To get this monitoring platform up and running, users are required to perform two actions – to create an account on the official MoniMaster website, and to download the particular app that this service provides (Android, iOS, WhatsApp, and iCloud). App downloads can be performed either from the official website or via secure FileHorse servers.

How to Use

After setting the app and its account on the target device, users can always access device monitoring statistics and comprehensive data listings from the website dashboard or another mobile app.

The main dashboard promotes easy discovery of all of these tools via a streamlined navigation interface on the far left side of the app, and a large content showcase module taking the rest of the screen. The dashboard even provides a detailed “device info” module that showcases the device's online status, battery level, GPS activity, recent phone call listings, messages, last known location, and more.

User Interface

The user interface of MoniMaster is designed to provide easy access to the app's monitoring features, offering a dashboard for viewing real-time tracking data, internet activity, and application usage, allowing users to gain insights into device activities.

The main navigation sections of the app are as follows - Dashboard Home page, Phone Files, Call Logs, Messages, Contacts, Browser History, Photos, Video Preview, App Activities, Keylogger, Calendar, Location Tracking, Social Apps, Remote Control, and Data Export.


What is MoniMaster?
It is a smartphone monitoring platform designed for parents, employers, and individuals seeking to track and manage device usage covertly and remotely.

Is it safe?
Yes. This app is 100% virus free. The data of all users is fully encrypted and protected against unauthorized access.


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Users can pick between four standalone subscriptions covering monitoring tools for iOS devices, Android devices, WhatsApp accounts, and iCloud accounts. All feature three distinct subscription durations (monthly, quarterly, and yearly), and different prices.

System Requirements

Mobile tracking apps are fully optimized for both Android and iOS devices.

  • Comprehensive remote device monitoring.
  • Real-time activity and location tracking.
  • Valuable insights for parents and employers.
  • Flexible pricing options.
  • Separate subscription plans for iOS and Android devices.
  • No free tier of use.

MoniMaster is a powerful smartphone monitoring app that offers a range of remote tracking features for users concerned about the physical and digital well-being of their family members, children, and employees. Offering a wide array of advanced tools and separate pricing for iOS and Android devices, this tool enables everyone to covertly monitor various activities, including in-app usage, location tracking, WhatsApp conversations, and much more.

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