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Pacify is a creepy and adventurous horror game set within a haunted house. The main playable character is a paranormal hunter looking for supernatural activity inside an old house. The neighbors believe evil spirits haunt this house. A sales broker wants to sell the house but needs to make sure it is not haunted. That is why he calls you there to investigate the situation.  

According to legend, the house was used as a funeral parlor for the dead. But the previous owners did a lot more than burials and cremations. They also summoned the spirits of the recently deceased people and allowed their relatives to communicate with them. Some families of the deceased even claimed they could talk with them from beyond the grave. However, the summoning rituals were not all perfect or effective.

Sometimes a ritual would result in a catastrophic situation, such as people going missing in the area. When people went to the house to investigate, they would end up missing as well. Download and install Pacify for Windows PC now!

Now it is your turn to investigate as a paranormal investigator. When you move around the house, you’ll hear the spooky laughter of children nearby. As you proceed through the house, you’ll encounter scary ghosts and supernatural creatures that’ll prove the house is haunted. One of the ghosts is a girl who is supposedly responsible for haunting the house. You’ll attempt to run away and hide from her in different parts of the house to avoid getting killed.

At some point, you’ll discover the girl switches between a good side and a bad side. You must figure out why she changes from one to the other. The objective is to pacify the girl so that she won’t want to kill you. It is a race between you trying to save the girl and the evil spirits trying to turn her against you. Who will win? When the girl is evil, you must hide from her. When she is good, you must offer her items and try to win her affection and appease her spirit.

You’ve probably never played a horror game like this one before. It is like a mystery Pacify game with horror and ghosts added to the mix. The player can switch between various game modes, such as team up, competition, and single player. Prepare to get scared and have fun as you play this game.

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