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Quick Assist

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Quick Assist

  -  4.79 MB  -  Freeware
  • Latest Version

    Quick Assist 2.0.29 LATEST

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    Daniel Leblanc

  • Operating System

    Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    Microsoft Corporation / External Link

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Quick Assist is a reliable and free remote desktop utility that enables users of all ages and knowledge levels to easily connect to another Windows 10/11 computer and provide technical support, or to set up an incoming desktop connection from another user.

Built from the ground up by Microsoft Corporation, this lightweight application is designed to simplify the process of providing remote assistance by enabling easy, secure, and quick connections between two Windows PC devices.

While the Microsoft Quick Assist app is part of the default installation of the Windows 10/11 operating system, users who want to reinstall this app or fix its operation in the event of file corruption or accidental data deletion can download this app easily via its official Microsoft Store page.

Main Features

Remote desktop access – Allows users of all knowledge levels to connect to another Windows computer remotely.

Awide offering of advanced tools – Supercharge remote sessions with tools such as laser pointer and annotation manager.

Secure connection – Fortified with military-grade encryption for secure communication between devices.

Advanced session controls – Users can pause or end the remote session at any time.

How to Use

Quick Assist is a lightweight app preinstalled on all versions of Windows 10/11 OS that enables users without any technical knowledge to ready their PC for incoming and outgoing remote play sessions.

To make the process of remote desktop assistance even more streamlined and effective, users who log into a remote PC can not only take full control of the client PC but also provide technical assistance with built-in tools such as laser pointer and annotations.

The procedure for connecting two PCs is quite simple - the person requesting assistance generates a one-time code that they can give to the person offering assistance. The other person can then enter the code into their "Quick Assist" app, which will establish a real-time connection that is protected from unauthorized access with military-grade encryption

This security layer is powered by extensive Microsoft cloud infrastructure which automatically encrypts all data transmitted between devices. Additionally, the app includes features such as the ability to pause or end the remote session, which puts the user in complete control of the remote access.

However, users should be aware that the Quick Assist remote desktop connection app is optimized only for use by Windows 10 PC users, and therefore this utility can’t be used to troubleshoot issues for PCs running older versions of Windows OS.

User Interface

The Microsoft Quick Assist app has a simple, intuitive interface. The main screen provides options for giving or receiving assistance, and the connection process is straightforward.

The main dashboard of this streamlined app features just two on-screen tools – the “Help Someone” tool will generate a security code, and the “Get Help” tool enables anyone to insert a security code and give permissions for the start of the remote desktop connection.


What is Quick Assist?
It’s a streamlined remote desktop connection app developed by Microsoft Corporation that is bundled with all versions of Windows 10 OS.

Is it safe?
Yes, this app is 100% safe to use. It uses advanced military-grade encryption to protect all data transmitted between devices.

Can this remote desktop app be used by novices?
Yes, this app was built from the ground up to provide an easy way for everyone to establish or request a remote desktop connection.

Does this app support advanced features?
No, this is a streamlined app intended for simpler one-on-one remote connection sessions, without advanced tools such as remote audio, webcam access, wake-on-LAN, and many other features that are accessible in alternative premium apps.


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Quick Assist is 100% FREE to use.

System Requirements

The tool is compatible with all PCs running Windows 10/11.

  • Built from the ground up to be as easy to use as possible.
  • Provides secure, encrypted connections.
  • Allows full control of the client's PC.
  • Cannot connect to older versions of Windows 10.

Quick Assist is an easy-to-use and secure application that makes it easy to provide remote assistance to other Windows 10/11 devices. It's an excellent tool for IT support professionals, businesses, and individuals who require technical support. The FileHorse review team highly recommends this outstanding remote desktop app.

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