Create a safe environment for your family with digital content filtering

Microsoft Family Safety

Microsoft Family Safety

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Microsoft Family Safety (formerly known as Microsoft Windows Parental Controls) is an advanced security management utility that provides Windows OS users and Microsoft 365 subscribers to create a safe and healthy environment both in physical and digital space.

Featuring a wide array of monitoring and security features, all users of Microsoft Family Safety can create their own family groups, set up a wide array of parental services, and gain valuable insights into activities, screen usage patterns, location data points, and real-time software security status of a wide array of family devices.
  • Apps and game content filters
  • Web and search content filters
  • Content filter requests
  • Screen time requests
  • Activity summaries
  • Location sharing for families
  • Saved places
  • Drive safety reports
  • Drive history
Available both on desktop and laptop Windows PCs and iOS/Android mobile devices, Microsoft Family Safety software represents a comprehensive way Windows users can monitor the security status of their family.

The first version of the Family Safety app was deployed to the public in 2007 under the name Windows Live Family Safety, featuring basic services for Web Filtering and Activity Reporting. With the arrival of Windows 8, this evolving app was renamed into Windows Family Safety and was enhanced with a wide array of features including advanced Web Filtering, Activity Reports (which include a list of active apps, downloaded files, games run, and much more), adult filter for all popular web search engines, ESRB-focused app restriction list, Image Filtering, and a web interface dashboard.

By the time Windows 11 arrived, Microsoft dramatically enhanced the offerings of this app. Its Web Filtering and Activity Report tool included full support for Microsoft Edge and mobile devices (via standalone iOS and Android Family Safety apps), Screen time feature enabled parents to monitor, stop or expend screen-on sessions on their child’s PC, while App, games & media download and purchase limits could also be set for content available in Microsoft Store.

Free Plan
  • Screen time limits
  • App and game limits (Windows, Xbox, Android)
  • Device limits (Windows and Xbox)
  • Screen time requests
  • Activity summaries
  • App and game filters
  • Web and search filters
  • Content requests
  • Location sharing
  • Saved places
  • Web versions of apps
Microsoft 365 Family Plan - $9.99/month
  • For up to 6 people
  • Advanced features in the Microsoft Family Safety mobile app, including location alerts, drive safety reports, and drive history
  • Up to 6 TB of cloud storage (1 TB/person)
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint with premium features
  • Microsoft Defender security for data and devices
  • OneDrive ransomware protection for files/photos
  • Outlook ad-free email
  • Microsoft Editor advanced spelling and grammar
  • Microsoft Teams all-day video calling
  • Desktop and web versions of apps
The Location Safety features were dramatically expanded with the arrival of the full iOS and Android support, enabling parents to get location alerts, drive safety, and location-sharing reports from their children or family member devices. It is important to note that driver habit notifications are only available in North America and select EU markets.

Today, Microsoft Family Safety App can be accessed via two versions. A free license enables a single user to set up an incredible variety of parental controls and get in-depth activity and app summaries via the web version of this app. Premium Windows 365 subscription holders can access a wide array of premium features, including location alerts, drive safety reports, and drive history listings, as well as access to the desktop version of Microsoft 365 apps.