An innovative free horror survey game for the Windows PC

Start Survey?

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Start Survey?

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Start Survey? is an innovative free horror title for the PC platform created from the ground up by Adam "PixelDough" Worrell for the Haunted PS1's Horrifying Halloween game developer jam in 2019. This “single buttongame places players in the role of the survey manager, who during the boring work of answering survey questions starts noticing a hidden force that aims to completely change his world.

By celebrating the “Twilight Zone” TV show and minimizing the control scheme, this effective horror video game can provide every PC gamer with a solid frightening experience that they won’t quickly forget.

The core experience of playing the Start Survey game is a simple point-and-click adventure, where players are only tasked to move their mouse to look, interact with a left mouse button, zoom with a right button, and spin items with a scroll wheel. The only keyboard button is “C” for switching the visual look of the game from grayscale to full color. The game creators strongly suggest experiencing this title in grayscale.

  • Mouse - Look
  • LMB - Interact
  • RMB - Zoom
  • Scroll - Spin Item
  • C - Enable Color (Preferably play in Grayscale)
Start Survey is not a long game, and in fact, it can be finished in just 5 to 10 minutes. This free title does not offer a lot of replay value, but its core horror elements are very memorable and effective, making it fun to experience and share with friends. It is important to note that this game will try to scan your PC for basic OS information such as Username or PC name and use that data to raise the scare level of some tense in-game moments. Players who intend to livestream a playthrough of this title should be warned that this type of potentially personal information will be shown in public.

To get this game up and running on any modern PC, users simply have to download and install it using an official game installer for Windows OS. In addition to PC, the game was also ported to macOS and Linux, but those releases are currently marked as “Beta”.


How does Start Survey? work?
Start Survey? is a game where you find yourself in a small, dark room facing a laptop. You'll be bombarded with questions about yourself, your morals, and your life. Answer with "Yes" or "No" without knowing who's asking. The game gradually becomes more interesting, making you question your existence and life choices. Replay to unlock different endings and earn badges.

What's the game's length?
Start Survey? is a lightweight game that lasts a few minutes. On average, it takes 5 to 10 minutes to finish. The gameplay is linear, offering limited replayability. It's a one-time adventure that can be quickly downloaded, played, and removed from your PC. You'll tackle a series of tough and interesting questions.

How to play Start Survey?
The game has simple controls. Use the mouse to look around the room. Left-click to interact with elements, right-click to zoom in and scroll to spin items. Press "C" to enable color, although grayscale is recommended for a creepy atmosphere.

Play Start Survey? in color
Playing in grayscale creates a creepy ambiance that distracts from the gameplay. You can disable grayscale with a single click if it strains your eyes. The limited view and grayscale contribute to a scary atmosphere. The graphics create a realistic room where you can pick up and explore items.

Is the game fun and engaging?
Start Survey? is a short but thrilling horror game. Being isolated in a dark room creates a scary vibe, enhanced by the background score. Revealing more details would spoil the experience, but it's worth playing despite its length.

Is Start Survey? on Roblox real?
Yes, Start Survey? is a real fan-made game available on Roblox. It may be short, but the game's multiple endings based on players' answers make it worth replaying.

  • Boasts user-friendly controls
  • Establishes an immersive atmosphere during setup
  • Includes captivating questionnaires to enhance user experience
  • Offers a variety of color options to personalize the experience
  • Demands system parameter information for optimal performance

All in all, Start Survey? is an unmissable 100% FREE PC horror game that can be played on any modern Windows PC. Overall, Start Survey? is a fan-made horror game that takes players on a suspenseful and introspective journey. Through a series of questions in a dark room, players are prompted to reflect on their morals, life choices, and existence.

Also Available: Download Start Survey? for Mac

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