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Ashampoo AI Assistant

Ashampoo AI Assistant

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    Ashampoo AI Assistant 1.1.2 LATEST

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    Juan Garcia

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    Windows 10 (64-bit) / Windows 11

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the world, and with Ashampoo AI Assistant for PC, one can harness its power effortlessly. Its goal is simple: make AI accessible and useful for everyone. Enjoy!

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With an intuitive interface, this Ashampoo AI Assistant tool allows users to improve spelling and style, generate content from prompts, and translate texts into numerous languages. Let AI handle email responses, text analysis, and unleash creativity with cutting-edge AI support! The FileHorse review team highly recommends this exceptional AI Assistant tool.

  • Instant tailor-made articles
  • Fast access to the current ChatGPT-4!
  • Improve text in Office or other programs via shortcuts
  • Summarize texts and identify core statements
  • Analyze the mood and recognize intentions
  • Improve, shorten and simplify texts
  • Check spelling and extend texts
  • Convenient helpers and comfortable AI access
  • Translate into all major world languages
Key Features

Your Versatile Virtual Secretary!

Ashampoo AI Assistant shines with three core features: text creation based on user requirements, text adjustment to meet preferences, and handling various queries and tasks. Whether a charming birthday invitation, a professional email response, or a quick letter from a few keywords is needed, this AI saves time. It crafts perfect tones and handles complex queries in seconds. Utilize smart presets to streamline tasks and focus on what truly matters.

Effortless Text Processing and Multilingual Translations

Input text or paste it into the field, and let the AI refine it to the user's specifications. Quickly correct, shorten, simplify, or elaborate text with ease. Need it translated into one of 20 supported languages? The AI can do that instantly too. Transform keywords or quick notes into professional content in no time!

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Analyze and Summarize

Save time and effort by letting the AI handle text analysis. Extract key points, compile lists of involved individuals, analyze text mood, outline intentions, or create high-quality summaries in seconds. Perfect for students and lifelong learners, this function streamlines the workload.

Endless Creative and Experimental Possibilities

Interact with AI without limitations, challenge it with questions, or assign it tasks. This mode allows for unrestricted AI interaction, perfect for learning new languages, getting recipe suggestions, planning projects or trips, and more. Need a poem, book summary, or budget planning support? The AI is ready to assist!

Seamless AI Integration in Office and Other Apps

Define macros for favorite features and execute them with keyboard shortcuts. Save time by integrating AI functions like "Translate into English + Execute + Professional Tone" into Office documents or any word processor. Keep Ashampoo AI Assistant minimized or on another screen and enjoy AI benefits across emails, letters, and websites.

Upgrade Your ChatGPT Experience

Tired of the standard ChatGPT interface? It offers a sleek, two-part interface with automatic login to the latest GPT version. Whether composing emails or needing quick text corrections, tone adjustments, or translations, users can access AI capabilities without leaving their current program. Use smart macros or create custom ones for instant access to preferred functions. Experience a personalized, convenient, and productive AI like never before!

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What is the best AI assistant?
The best virtual AI assistants in 2024 are ChatGPT, Google Assistant, Bing Copilot, Amazon Alexa, and Siri by Apple.

How much does an AI virtual assistant cost?
Virtual assistant pricing varies widely based on several factors. On average, hourly rates range from $10 to $30 per hour.

Can I create my own AI assistant?
Yes, AI is becoming increasingly accessible. With the right tools and knowledge, you can create a personal AI assistant tailored to your needs.


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License is only $11 / month (30-day money back guarantee).

System requirements

Operating System

Windows 11, Windows 10 (x64)


Any device that supports the operating systems listed above.


Please note that the software requires a continuous internet connection to function.


Dutch, English, French, German, Polish, Spanish.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy to navigate.
  • Versatile Functionality: Spell check, text improvement, and translation.
  • Content Generation: Tailor-made articles and responses.
  • Quick Text Adjustments: Simplify, elaborate, and correct text.
  • Multilingual Support: Translate into 20 languages.
  • Text Analysis: Summarize and analyze mood and intentions.
  • Creative Possibilities: Unrestricted AI interaction for various tasks.
  • Office Integration: Use macros for seamless AI functions.
  • Enhanced ChatGPT Interface: Sleek, two-part interface with latest GPT access.
  • Smart Macros: Customizable for preferred functions.
  • Internet Dependency: Requires a continuous connection.
  • Cost Variability: Virtual assistant pricing can vary widely.
  • Learning Curve: Custom macro creation may be complex for some.
  • Competition: Numerous alternatives offer similar features.
  • Limited Language Support: Only six languages for interface.
Note: Limited functionality in demo version.

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