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Rytr is an AI-powered writing copywriting assistant that enables users of all writing proficiency levels to make written content in moments, providing only short descriptions and commands about the desired tone. Distributed in a form of a browser extension, this tool can instantly write everything from online correspondence to detailed research papers, all fully optimized to be as accurate and unique as possible.

And best yet, Rytr AI Writter can be accessed in both free and premium tiers of use, providing valuable service to both novices and professionals.

Main Features

Rytr differs from other AI assistants by empowering users to set the basic inputs that will drive the creation of a highly specific form of the final text. Users can mark their texts with more than 30 use cases and templates, and over 20 language tones, which can instantly produce written content that fits anyone’s needs. The app can handle writing business emails, catchy and engaging social media posts, detailed product, job, video, and other descriptions, it can generate caption ideas, and much more.

One of the key procedures built into the generation of any Rytr content is an automatic plagiarism check that ensures that all written creations are unique and ready for deployment in both personal and public projects. The service also optimizes all its text using scientific copywriting formulas (AIDA, PAS, and others), and users always have the option to reformat the text into different styles or lengths.

Rytr fully supports shortening or lengthening text and can even translate English texts into over 30 international languages. The app can produce review outlines, business idea pitches, landing page content, SEO-optimized titles and descriptions, and other advanced forms of text.

To help professional writers, Rytr can organize text creations into categories that are easily accessible, and filtered, with full support for the listing of past generated text in the history tab. All created text can be copied directly or downloaded to local storage as DOCX or HTML files.

As an added bonus, Rytr can also generate images using advanced AI techniques that only require simple text descriptions in order to create engaging visual content.

Installation and Compatibility

Rytr can be accessed as a webapp and as a Chrome browser extension, but its creations can be deployed in an incredible variety of places. This includes a large selection of chat and email clients (Google Mail, Outlook, Slack, Facebook Messenger), Social Media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn), and Document/Blogging platforms (MS Office, WordPress, Google Docs…).

The free version of Rytr provides anyone with the ability to generate 10 thousand text characters per month, using all of its available tools for setting a tone, use cases, languages, and plagiarism scanning. As a bonus, free-tier users also get access to five AI-generated images.

Premium tiers come in two forms – “Saver Plan” which raises the limits to 100k monthly characters and 20 monthly AI-generated images, and “Unlimited plan” which removes all text-generation text restrictions.

Free Plan
  • Generate 10k characters per month
  • Access 40+ use-cases
  • Write in 30+ languages
  • Access 20+ tones
  • Built in plagiarism checker
  • Generate upto 5 images per month with AI
  • Access to premium community
Unlimited plan - $29/month
  • Generate UNLIMITED characters per month
  • Access 40+ use-cases
  • Write in 30+ languages
  • Access 20+ tones
  • Built in plagiarism checker
  • Generate upto 100 images per month with AI
  • Access to premium community
  • Create your own custom use-case
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Priority email & chat support
  • Efficient Content Generation
  • Time-saving Tool
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Versatile Writing Styles
  • Large Language Model
  • Helps Improve Writing Skills
  • Limited Human-like Creativity
  • Potential Bias in Content
  • Requires Internet Connection
  • May Lack Originality
  • Monthly Subscription Cost

Rytr is an impressive tool that can empower writers of all proficiency levels and businesses of all types to supercharge their daily workflows with the help of a fast and cost-effective AI-assistant.

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