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ParagraphAI is a powerful AI writing tool that can help users of all writing proficiency levels to quickly generate flawless texts of all types, from informal communication to formal emails. Featuring highly attractive interface and streamlined tools for tweaking the tone of the AI-generated text, ParagraphAI represents one of the best AI writing assistants currently available on the market.

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The app is designed to help writers of all skill levels, from professional writers to students, improve their writing and make it more effective.

Main Features

ParagraphAI is built on top of the modern deep learning architecture that has managed to train fast and reliable writing assistant that can manage all types of texts – emails, social media posts, presentations, reports, technical manuals, product descriptions, bios, and resumes, essays, website content, real estate listings, and much more. All that users have to do is to input the writing request and modify the tone of the final text via built-in slider tools (Informal-Formal, Friendly-Assertive, Disapproval-Approval).

This app can also manage a wide array of text modification features, including shortening or extension of the input text, changing the writing or conversation tone, and much more. Of course, all texts generated by this highly capable AI assistant are produced to be as clear, concise, and error-free, enabling users to instantly use it for their home, school, or work use, and online communication via email, chat, or as scripts for real-time text, audio, or video chats.

To make all generated text fully viable for all forms of online use, Paragraph AI app can also automatically ensure that the final text is free from any plagiarism and features original SEO-friendly keywords.

The service is accessible in two ways – via the Chrome browser plugin and iOS/Android apps.


ParagraphAI features four distinct pricing tiers – one free and three premium ones. The FREE tier of use allows anyone to take full advantage of Paragraph AI text generation features in writing up to 20 paragraphs per day.

Premium offerings consist of “Student”, “Professional”, and “Team” subscription tiers that remove daily writing restrictions. Team tier also introduces new tools such as Team Management Dashboard, Analytics, Branding tools, training, live chat support, and more.

Professional Plan - $12.49/mo (Popular)

  • UP TO 4X MORE TEXT per Write than with Free Plan
  • UNLIMITED 1,000,000+ Words/ Month, 150 Writes/ Day
  • PLAGIARISM-FREE 99.999% Original SEO Friendly Text
  • GENIUS AI ASSISTANT Always Knows What to Write
  • WRITE BETTER, FASTER to Save Time & Money!


  • Efficient Content Generation
  • Saves Time and Effort
  • Helps Overcome Writer's Block
  • Provides Varied Writing Styles
  • Enhances Writing Productivity
  • Can Handle Large Volumes of Text


  • Requires Review for Accuracy
  • May Not Fully Understand Context


ParagraphAI is a helpful AI writing assistant that can help anyone to improve their writing with easy to use, versatile, visually impaired-friendly interface and highly engaging, competent, and detail-rich generated text.

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