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QuillBot for PC

QuillBot for PC

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QuillBot is an AI-powered writing and paraphrasing tool that offers an unlimited database of custom and predefined modes, providing a middle ground between changing the input text and preserving its meaning. It aims to provide a seamless user interface and tools that promote experimentation, with the aim to improve writing styles, fix grammatical errors, and rewrite ideas in a more sophisticated and professional way.

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This cloud-powered tool is designed to be a user-friendly platform suitable for writers, students, and professionals of all writing levels who want to avoid plagiarism, simplify complex words, provide detailed descriptions of certain terms, and improve the clarity and quality of their content. QuillBot for PC can manage individual words, sentences, paragraphs, or entire articles!

Some of this web app’s most popular features include unlimited management words in the paraphraser, lightning-fast scanning of the input text, the ability to create unique summaries using custom instructions, and provide easily accessible slider tool for full use of synonym replacement.

In addition to the access to its considerable capabilities inside the official webapp dashboard, this powerful writing assistant can also be accessed directly from many popular productivity and writing apps via standalone extensions, plugins, and addons, including on platforms such as Word, Chrome, Gmail, Docs, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Key Features
  • Large Thesaurus – Provide an alternative description to any word in any article.
  • Custom Alternate Description Modes – Enrich text with new descriptive terms without altering the original meaning.
  • Synonym Slider – Easily replace synonyms with a stylish UI solution.
  • Unlimited Freeze Words – Preserve specific words during the paraphrasing process.
  • Summarizer – Quickly create unique summaries using custom instructions.
  • Automatic Grammar Checker – Identify and highlight grammatical errors, for faster writing workflows.
  • External Integrations – Access this powerful writing assistant inside many popular local apps and cloud services.
  • Flexible Access – Take advantage of the FREE tier of use or supercharge daily writing with a powerful Premium toolset.
More Extensions

QuillBot for Chrome

QuillBot for Word

QuillBot for macOS

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Installation and Setup

This cloud-based platform can be accessed either from any modern web browser or directly inside many popular writing apps (including cloud services such as Gmail and all text fields inside Chrome browser!). The webapp requires no technical skills and can be easily accessed and deployed on all modern Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

Users are only required to create a new account to access a generous free tier of service that promotes fast text paraphrasing, a standard set of modes, and a limited set of more advanced tools.

How to Use

Once signed up, users can instantly access the platform's features, including the paraphraser, grammar checker, and summarizer. The plugin version of the service integrates directly into intended platforms, enabling fast text summarization, paraphrasing, offering of synonyms, and more.

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User Interface

Webapp’s UI promotes a two-panel dashboard, with a left module intended for the original text, and a right one for the altered version that is populated with the alternate rephrased text, with many of its words highlighted for additional customization.

All in all, the entire user interface is designed to be accessible, fast, flexible, and filled with unique features such as a synonym slider, freeze words, and a grammar checker for easy access to the platform's paraphrasing and writing tools.

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What is QuillBot?
It is an AI-powered paraphrasing tool that offers unlimited custom and predefined modes of writing suggestions.

Is it safe?
Yes! This cloud-based platform does not require any local processing, enabling safe and efficient workflows without compromising the security and privacy of user data.

What external integrations are offered?
Gmail, Chrome, Docs, Word, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

What languages are supported?
English, French, Spanish, German, and 20 other international languages.

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Users can pick between the FREE tier of use that unlocks access to a limited set of tools, and a Premium license tier that provides access to advanced tools for users that aim to take full control over their writing workflow.

Free Plan (Demo)
  • 125 words in Paraphraser
  • Standard and Fluency modes
  • Limited use of Synonym Slider
  • 1 Freeze Word
  • 1,200 words in Summarizer
Premium Plan - $9.95 billed monthly
  • Unlimited words in Paraphraser
  • Unlimited Custom and 8 predefined modes
  • Full use of Synonym Slider
  • Unlimited Freeze Words
  • 6,000 words in Summarizer
  • Create unique summaries using custom instructions
  • Faster processing speed
  • Recommended Rewrites
  • Compare Modes
  • Plagiarism Checker (100 pages/month)
  • Tone insights
  • Paraphraser History
System Requirements

This web service does not require any additional local processing in addition to running a web browser or a compatible local writing app such as Microsoft Office Word.

  • Custom and predefined modes of writing.
  • Innovative Synonym slider tool.
  • Freeze words.
  • Summarizer tool.
  • Large international language support.
  • Free and Premium tiers of use.
  • Limited feature support in the free version.

QuillBot is a highly capable AI-powered paraphrasing tool that offers a professional set of features for creating unique and professional paraphrased content. This web platform is optimized for both browser and writing app use via official plugins, with a wide set of tools for both home users, students, and professional writers.

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