Combines terminal emulation with an extensive Linux package collection

Termux for PC

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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    Fredrik Fornwall / Termux for PC

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Termux for PC is an OS emulation application that allows users of all knowledge levels to gain access to the Linux command lines straight from the desktop of their Windows desktop and laptop machines. However, users should be aware that this is not a native Windows app and is instead accessible on desktops only with the help of a modern Android application.

Termux is in fact an Android app that has received an incredible level of support and development over the years, making it highly usable even on PC via emulation. So, when using Termux on PC, Windows users are engaged in emulation of the emulation! With more than 10 million installations on the Android platform, this versatile terminal emulator can now be easily accessed on a PC.

Initially offered as a lightweight terminal emulation, the Termux terminal emulation app can be expanded with its extensive Linux package collection into a powerful tool for remote management or on-device Linux development sandbox.

  • Enjoy the bash and zsh shells
  • Edit files with nano and vim
  • Access servers over ssh
  • Compile code with gcc and clang
  • Use the Python console as a pocket calculator
  • Check out projects with git and subversion
  • Run text-based games with frotz

One of the main usage case scenarios of this app is to provide PC users a secure and easy way to get access to remove Linux servers via its stable and reliable SSH client and almost any other function modern Linux can achieve. Termux is today regarded as a highly flexible application that allows Windows users access to enhance their workflow with the command line access and installation of apps and plugins with the integrated Debian-Ubuntu GNU/Linux APT package management system.

It can take full advantage of Bash & ZSH shells, nano & vim file editing, Clang & GCC code compiling, full Python console, GIT & SVN management, and much more. The app also has full support for keyboard text entry, keyboard shortcuts, full mouse support, a few simple text-based games, and many other Linux features.

How to Install

It can be installed using the help of the latest and updated versions of the two best recommended Android OS emulators – Bluestacks and NoxPlayer. Both of those emulators have received a tremendous amount of development, enabling them to reliably and quickly run not only static apps but also many modern multimedia apps and 3D-rich video games. Users need to simply install them and then load the latest version of the Termux APK package which will initialize the app inside the emulated Android sandbox.


Android Emulation: It offers a complete Android emulation experience, providing access to the Google Play Store and allowing you to install and use Android applications on your PC.

Command-Line Interface: With its terminal emulator, it allows you to execute command-line operations, giving you the ability to access Linux utilities, package managers, programming languages, and more.

Extensive Package Support: The software supports a wide range of Linux packages, enabling you to install and use popular tools such as Git, Python, Ruby, Node.js, and many others.

Customization: It provides a customizable environment, allowing you to tweak settings, choose different shells, and personalize the appearance to suit your preferences.

Seamless Integration: The software integrates seamlessly with the host operating system, enabling easy file sharing, clipboard synchronization, and other desktop-oriented features.


Is Termux for PC free to use?
Yes, the app is 100% FREE and open-source software, making it accessible to all users without any licensing fees.

Can I run Termux for a PC without an internet connection?
While an internet connection is not mandatory, it is recommended for downloading applications and updates within the emulator.

Can I use Termux for PC for development purposes?
Absolutely! It provides an excellent environment for developers, allowing them to run programming languages, version control systems, and various other tools required for development tasks.


BlueStacks - A popular Android emulator that offers a feature-rich experience on Windows and macOS.

Genymotion - An emulator designed specifically for developers, providing advanced features and support for testing Android applications.

LDPlayer - Lightweight emulator optimized for gaming with advanced features like multi-instance and macros.

NoxPlayer - Android emulator with a simple interface and excellent performance.

MEmu - User-friendly emulator with fast performance and support for both Android and iOS apps.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7 or later, or macOS 10.12 or later.
  • At least 2GB of RAM (4GB recommended).
  • 2GB of available disk space.
  • An internet connection is recommended for downloading applications and updates.

Termux is 100% FREE and can be used on any modern PC that can run Android emulation software.


  • Seamless integration between Android and desktop environments
  • Access to a wide range of Android applications and Linux packages
  • Customizable and flexible terminal emulator
  • Suitable for both regular users and developers
  • Free and open-source software


  • Requires a moderately powerful system to run smoothly
  • Some Android applications may not be optimized for desktop use


Termux for PC bridges the gap between Android and desktop computing, providing users with an efficient and flexible environment to run Android applications and work with Linux-like utilities on their PC. Whether you're an Android enthusiast seeking a more immersive experience or a developer in need of a reliable development environment, it offers a compelling solution.

With its seamless integration, extensive package support, and customizable features, it empowers users to unlock the full potential of Android on their desktop. Best of all, it's available for free, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to explore the fusion of mobile and desktop computing.

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