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  • Ares 2.2.8 Download

    Ares 2.2.8

    Ares Team - 4.37 MB - Open Source

    Ares (formerly Ares Galaxy) is free open-source and peer-to-peer software with primary goal of sharing pictures, movies, and audio files across the Ares network. This is one o...

  • BearShare Download


    Musiclab, LLC - 1.47 MB - Freeware

    BearShare is a peer-to-peer program, which connects to a file sharing network, and allows you to search, download, or share almost any type of files – audio, video, imag...

  • BitComet Download


    BitComet Team - Freeware

    BitComet is free torrent client for sharing almost any kind of files, which is compatible with the most popular peer-to-peer protocol – the Bittorrent protocol.  Bi...

  • BitTorrent 7.9.1 Build 30769 Download

    BitTorrent 7.9.1 Build 30769

    BitTorrent Inc - 1.57 MB - Freeware

    BitTorrent is one of the first and most popular torrent clients, which allows you to quickly and safely share files with your friends or other computer users. BitTorrent is a...

  • Cabos 0.8.2 Download

    Cabos 0.8.2

    Cabos Team - 8.15 MB - Open Source

    Cabos is completely free, small and incredibly fast file-sharing software which connects to the Gnutella network and enables its users to easily search and share multimedia fi...

  • DC++ 0.842 Download

    DC++ 0.842

    Jacek Sieka - 86.31 MB - Open Source

    DC++ is a p2p client, based on the Direct Connect protocol, which can be used for downloading, sharing, and searching multimedia files on the DC network. The Direct Connect ne...

  • eMule 0.50a Download

    eMule 0.50a

    eMule Project - 3.23 MB - Open Source

    eMule is a very popular peer-to-peer client which lets its users to easily connect to the eDonkey2000 network and effortlessly share multimedia files and documents. Thanks to...

  • FrostWire 5.7.2 Download

    FrostWire 5.7.2

    FrostWire Team - 20.81 MB - Open Source

    FrostWire is a free open source BitTorrent client with a long history of changes of its functionality and streamlining of its interface. Between 2004 when it was initially rel...

  • iMesh 12.0 Download

    iMesh 12.0

    iMesh Inc - 2.37 MB - Freeware

    iMesh is a peer-to-peer client and the ultimate P2P file sharing community that has attracted lovers of all types of multimedia who are willing to share their collections betw...

  • Shareaza Download


    Shareaza Development Team - 10.87 MB - Open Source

    Shareaza is file-sharing software that immediately aims to fulfill all your sharing needs and enable you access to entire world of peer-to-peer multimedia by directly connecti...

  • uTorrent 3.4.1 Build 30833 Download

    uTorrent 3.4.1 Build 30833

    BitTorrent Inc - 1.6 MB - Freeware

    uTorrent (also known as µTorrent) is a lightweight, powerful and very tiny BitTorent file transfer protocol client that is today used by over 132 million of users, makin...

  • Vuze Download


    Azureus Software, Inc - Open Source

    Vuze (previously Azureus) is one of the most popular media players and file sharing clients that utilizes all the power and capabilities of the BitTorrent transfer protocol.&n...